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About Us

A cappella Leopolis was founded in 2003. Usually the ensemble consists of 8-15 voises, male and female. Performing the music of early epochs, A cappella Leopolis tries to reproduce early manners of singing. The singers participated at the master courses of the La Pellegrina Dutch Foundation (2001), of Michael Pospisil (2002, 2003, 2004), Tadeusz Czechak (2004, 2007), Tetiana Polt-Lutsenko (2004, 2008, 2011), Bohdan Shved (2005), and Paul Esswood (2009). The ensemble participated at the Stary Sacz Early Music Festival in Poland (2003-2008), at the Lviv Early Music Festival (2003-2014), at the concert series Music at European Courts and Music in the Palace of Erazm Ciolek the Bishop in Krakow (2005, 2007), at the International Music Youth Forum and GogolFest in Kyiv (2007), at the Festival of Early Music in Szczecin (2007, 2009), at Fest der Innenhoefe & Museumsnaechte (Freiburg, 2007), at the Colours of Poland Lodz Philharmonic Traveling Festival (2008, 2009), at the One God – Many Cultures Ecumenic Festival in Sanok (2008, 2009), at the Salezian Summer Church Music in Przemysl (2008-10, 2012), at the On the King`s Cross Choral Festival in Warsaw (2010), at the Song Assamblea in Khmelnytsky (2011), at the Poznan Spring Culture Festival (2012), at the International Music Festival in Gdynia (2012), at the Wood Churches Cross Music Festival in Polana (2013), at the Music in Old Cracov Festival (2014). Its co-peformers have been the ensembles Ritornello (Prague), Dekameron (Warsaw), Ars Leonis Basel and Ortino Musicale (Basel), Consortium Sedinum (Szczecin), Subtilior Ensemble (Warsaw), with the Polish Orchestra of the18th Century (Krakow), Lublin Philharmonic Symphony and the Leopolis Orchestra (Lviv), with Bohdan Szwed, Pawel Osuchowski, Stanislaw Welanyk, Markek Toporowski and Tomasz Slusarczyk as conductors and with numerous soloists, such as Michael Pospisil, Tetiana Polt-Lucenko, Verena Krauze, Katarzyna Wiwer, Agnieszka Monasterska, Maciej Gocman, Mariusz Godlewski, Dana Marbach, Paul Esswood, Meciej Wolak, Marta Boberska, Nina Nowak, Tomasz Krzysica, Jacek Ozimkowski. The ensemble`s repertoire includes Gregorian chants, medieval church songs, music by Monteverdi, Schutz, Bukstehude, Haendel, Mozart, church music of Polish composers of the 16th-19th centuries, Ukrainian Baroque sacred and secular music, the opera music by Dmytro Bortnianskyi, and Going to Bethlehem – the program of European Christmas carols. A cappella Leopolis realized some of CD recordings: Adam sat at the gate of Paradise, 12-voice choral concertos of the first half of the 18th century (Kyiv: UkrMusic, 2007), From the Beginning Today at the Morning, Song Pictures from the Ukrainian Old Times (Lviv: Lida, 2010), Requiem Liturgy and other works by Mykola Dyletsky, From rediscovered music manuscripts (Kyiv: Nash Format, 2015), participated at some of other CD recordings: Music of Old Lviv (Kyiv: Atlantic Records, 2006), Musica Claromontana: Early Music from the Clear Mountain in Czestochowa (Warsaw: DUX, 2007), Music of Old Rzeczpospolita (Lviv: Lida, 2008). The ensemble was nominated to the listeners prize at the Vocal Groups/Choirs category at the 3rd program of the Polish Radio (2009). Roman Stelmashch is art director of the ensemble. Liudmyla Kapustina is the conductor of the ensemble.